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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Extremely Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Something you should know, I love cheese. Something else you should know, I love Mexican food. When I found a recipe for Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup, I knew it was a must!!

I learned a lot about cooking a thick soup; a little goes a long ways, it is extremely filling and if I served this again, I would make it an appetizer. The soup is VERY good but like I just stated, I could barely finish one bowl because I went into cheese coma from how filling it was. 

I would recommend making it exactly how the original recipe calls. I thought I would throw a little bit more cheese into the soup and ended up regretting it. This is a super easy recipe and would be great served with a mexican feast! :) ENJOY!! 

1 envelope Taco Seasoning
1-½ pound Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, Diced or 1 rotisserie chicken
½ cups Chopped Onion
2 T Butter
⅓ cups Flour
2-½ cups broth, chicken or vegetable
8-12 oz. 2% Milk Velveeta, cubed
8 oz. Shredded Monterey Jack or Mexican 4 cheese blend shredded cheese
1 jar salsa (any Variety)
1 cup half and half or milk

Fritos, green onion, and sour cream (for garnish)

Step One:
Chicken Breast: In a skillet, add seasoning and diced chicken. Cook chicken until throughly cooked. Drain and set aside.
Rotisserie Chicken: Shred chicken into a bowl and toss with seasoning

Step Two:
Dice onion and saute with butter until onions have become clear. Add flour until blended and than slowly add chicken broth. Stir and let bring to a boil. Once it has reached boiling, let it cook for another 2-3 mins until the soup has thickened.

Step Three:
Cut Velveeta into cubes and add to broth along with shredded cheese and salsa. Cook on medium heat until cheese is completely melted. 

Step Four:
Stir in half and half. Add chicken to soup and heat throughly BUT do NOT boil. Ladle into bowls, top with sour cream, green onion and Fritos (if you wish) and ENJOY!

Original Recipe:

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