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Friday, October 26, 2012

Peanut Butter Witches Brooms

Halloween is coming and baking puts me in the holiday mood!! I found this cute recipe on Pinterest. I changed it a little bit but I feel it's for the better. The original recipe calls for some sort of sugar cookie (made from scratch). The only scratch you were getting from me, during this crazy time of year, is to scratch that off my list. I just went to the store and bought peanut butter cookie dough. MUCH BETTER!!

I made this recipe in steps. I baked the cookies the night before and let them harden over night. If you wanted to do this all in one day, it would probably take you about 45mins (minus the time it takes for the chocolate to harden). The part that took me the longest was trying to get the cookies to look like brooms.

Overall, it was a super fun and EASY recipe! Plus, it is sure to please everyone because if they don't like peanut butter they will think the cookies are adorable!

1 roll of peanut butter cookie dough
1 bag of pretzel rods
2 cups of chocolate chips
2 tsp of canola oil

Step One:
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Roll dough into a small ball. Flatten on top of pretzel rod and form into a triangle. (This picture was taken before I started thinking about what a broom looked like!)

Step Two:
Bake for 6-8 mins. or until golden. Transfer to cooling rack and let the cookie completely cool.

Step Three:
In a small sauce pan, on low heat, add canola oil and chocolate chips. Still continuously until melted.

Step Four:
Drizzle chocolate over top of cookie where the cookie and the pretzel rod meet. Let sit for a couple of hours or until chocolate is completely hard.

Step Five:

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